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Tiger Termite & Pest Services.
(386) 256-6880 or (844)778-4437
Volusia & Flagler Counties

Cody Pest Control
(386) 437-3479 Ext. 22
Volusia & Flagler Counties

Pioneer Pest Control
(386) 734-2142
(800) 242-0481
Volusia & Flagler Counties

Universal Pest Control
(386) 673-1557
Volusia & Flagler Counties

Cody Pest Management
(904) 797-2297
(904) 540-1333
St. Augustine

Clarke Pest Control Services, Inc.
309 S. Main Ave.   Lake Placid, Fl.  33852
(863) 465-6622
Fax: (863) 465-1513
Lake Placid

Armstrong Pest Control, Inc.
Fort Myers, Fl.  33905
(239) 694-8808

Miller Enviro-Care, Inc.
Oveido-Orlando, Fl.  32765
(407) 359-8888

Pest Safari
Pensacola, FL 32501
(850) 983-6454

Pest Solutions of Tampa Bay, Inc.
Tampa Bay  Fl. area.
(813) 496-0407


OnDuty Pest Control
(877) 266-3889
(713) 378-7553

Pest Force Pest Control
Dallas / Ft. Worth areas
(972) 775-5033



Seacoast Pest Control Management
(843) 241-0609
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

No Hassle

Enjoy the maximum convenience of using the central location of the exterior injection port. Your presence is not necessary for product applications. Since the tubing is distributed within the walls, you never have to move your furniture, empty cabinets, or change your plans again. Our clients love the tubing system and are truly happy and satisfied with their cost-effective investment.

Protect your family from disease carrying pests. Our service companies offer fewer applications and better results. The tubing system is within the walls, this puts an end to carpet, wall and molding stains unlike from the primitive approaches to pest extermination.

Professional Service

Take comfort in knowing our highly trained, certified pest control technicians service the tubing system to your satisfaction. Our skilled professionals are provided with the equipment and support needed to assure  there is no future occurrence of pest infestation within any room of your home or structure protected by the Pest Tubes system.